Tournament report @ Marymount 2/9/12 + Decklist

2 Sep

Back to being awesomehazelnuts after so long ! Have been busy with part time work lately after my exams ended and it has been close to 3 weeks since I last participated in a weekly tournament too. I applied for advance weekend leave yesterday cos I was gonna have some team discussion about splitting the staples and who to play what for Singapore Asia Plus Pre Qualifier #1 and the venue was also having their weekly tournament so why not play too ?


Deck used : Insane Tech Agents


Participants : 29


Format : 4 round swiss cut to top 8


Match 1 vs Cassandra * Hero Beat * OXO

round1 – Card trooper , venus and gantetsu beat. Starting 1st really gave me the tempo of the game.

round2 – She started with raioh and 2 set cards. I drew double ball hand.

round3 – Double Hyperion wins games.


Match 2 vs Jie Lun * Hero Beat * XOO

round1 – He had double Hero Blast to clear my venuses . Got totally bankrupted.

round2 – Gantetsu Trooper beat and Hyperion to end the game.

round3 – Pot of duality and Gorz and he played too conservatively which allowed me to draw a couple of puppet plant to win the game.


Match 3 vs Jun Yong * Agents * OXO

round1 – OTK

round2 – He OTK me back

round3 – Krystia wins games.


Match 4 vs Kenneth * Hanzo Mermail * —

We didn’t play it out as we were in table 1 which means we were already in the top 8 , I then gave him the win so I won’t get hit by the full win curse 😛


Top 8 match vs Jun Yong * Agent * OXO

round1 – He failed OTK me and then i turned the tables and ended the game with Krystia , Hyperion , Catastor , Levair and Orient Dragon.

round2 – I forgot to draw off Maxx C and lost.

round3 – OTK


Top 4 Match vs Sazabi * Mermail * XX 

round 1 – Opened with a random hand of trooper and died to double Megaloabyss.

round 2 – Opened with double ball hand.


So I got totally crushed in the top 4 match and hence I gave him(Sazabi) the approval to play some deck for Asia Plus since he got into the top 2. So you guys can probably guess who I will be teaming up with already since I gave sufficient clues already.


Here’s the decklist of the Agent deck I was running yesterday, it was a build which I took from Shriek but i can’t remember which tournament was it. The concept is to mill with trooper and use call of the haunted to bring out whatever you want for game. 


3x Venus , Agent of Creation

2x Earth , Agent of Mystery

3x Mystic Shineball

3x Master Hyperion

2x Archlord Krystia 

3x Orange Light

2x Card Trooper

1x Honest

3x Raioh

1x Sangan

1x Gorz


2x Pot of Duality

1x Monster reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Pot of avarice

1x Heavy Storm


2x Call of the haunted

2x Solemn Warning

2x Mirror force

2x Bottomless Traphole

2x Torrential Tribute






So this will most probably be my last singles tournament until this month is over since I will be busy with work , the next time I will be in a tournament will be the Asia Plus Team tournament Prequalifier #1 which will be on the 15 of September. 


Till then.


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