Asia Plus Prequalifier #1 Report

15 Sep

The long awaited off day is finally here and I made my way down to Marymount to participate in the Asia Plus prequalifier 1. Borrowed some of the cards I needed for my deck and its time to qualify for the top 8 of the Asia Plus Qualifier to win a trip to Hong Kong.


Teams participated : 16


Format : Single Elimination


Team Name : Koi ( Explanation can be found here )


Team Leader : Me ( Darkworld )

Player A : William ( HERO beat )

Player B : Bixuan ( Mermail Atlantean )


Match 1 vs Team Underdog 

Me vs ??? * Chain Burn * XOO

William vs ??? * Lightraylords * OXX

Bixuan vs ??? * Rabbit Laggia * OO


round1 – Resolved a late game EEV but it was too late as I was left with 700 lifepoints and he had lava golem to burn me for game.

round2 – Sin cyber end double direct attack with DDV tributing my grapha to get rid of all the scarecrows. * Edit* Hit for 2 turns.

round3 – Game went into time. I resolved a EEV after he drew with reckless greed, jar of greed , legacy of the black bird and accumulated fortune. I won from there as he locked his 2 turns of draw and had only scarecrow x1 and poison of the oldman vs my Raioh and trance archfiend.


(Remaining 8) Match 2 vs Team ??? 

Me vs Guan Ji * Agent Angels * XOO

William vs Yong Jie * HERO beat * XOO

Bixuan vs Yong Siang * Rabbit Laggia * XX


round1 – He went 1st summoned venus made gantetsu and set 2 backrow and ended. I opened with the worst hand possible and decided not to make any plays and just ended. He then herp derp trooper mill hyperion etc etc and game over.

round2 – Every turn gates plus grapha beat made me overpower him with 12 cards to his 2 cards at the end of the game.

round3 – I was controlling the game until he top decked Hyperion and had SOUL DRAIN on the field. I totally gave up on the game and was like “That’s the end …” I then mirror forced his hyperion which I don’t know why he didn’t use hyperion effect to destroy it while it was face down then i drew Dust tornado and set it and passed. Then he summoned trooper and beat me and passed. I drew foolish burial and set it and passed. It was his turn and he just used the same trooper to hit me again. Then I knew the end was near and bet everything on my next draw . I then drew biiege , flipped burial to send grapha and won as he had left 2200 lifepoints. Attacked his attack position trooper for game.




( Top 4 ) Match 3 vs Team Ching ! 

Me vs Jeff * Asia winning Inzektors * OXO

William vs Baha * HERO beat * XOO

Bixuan vs Calvin * Mermail Atlantean * XOX


round1 – Opened card destruction , scarr , brow , mirror force, drag and trance. I set scarr and force and ended hoping he won’t centipede bomb and advantage + on me. Luckily he summoned trooper mill 3 and hit my scarr searching snow for me. I then drew set the remaining spell/traps , summoned trance which got veilered immediately and then i opened card destruction and won from there.

round 2 – Got destroyed by kycoo and double MST and dust.

round3 – Opened card destruction , gates , sin cyber , double grapha and DDV. i just set gateway and passed. He summoned centipede equip gigamantis and hit me and set his remaining hand to the backrow. I then drew , paste gates summon Sin cyber end and hit his centipede and then used card destruction to send 2 grapha to destroy his set COTH and reborn and then outadvantaged him as his power cards were gone. “Edit* i set DDV not gateway


Finals vs Team BBT ( Bonds beyond time )

Me vs Vishal * Darkworld * OO

William vs Kenneth * HERO beat * OXX

Bixuan vs Aim * Geargia Karakuri * OO


round1 – Darkworld mirror match !  I won because he kept on drag down when I proplayed him by setting everything and so forced him to discard the darkworld from my hand to out advantage him till the end.

round2 – Did the usual tricks by setting everything and making him drag down by discarding darkworld monsters from my hand until he torrential tributed everything on my field and he made a come back and then I drew into 2 useless graphas against him and then he used drag down again and I discarded grapha to bomb his grapha and randomly picked snow from his hand to summon to my field. He looped back grapha and hit the snow sparing my other set darkworld which was brow. The drag down allowed me to top deck gates and i mounted a come back from there and won.


Results : 1st and seeded into the top 8 of Singapore Asia Plus Qualifier


Hooray ! Done it again for the 2nd time in a row ( My previous team qualified for the 1st qualifier too last year ) . Particularly happy with the results and also the fact that it is my 1st National event of the year because i didn’t participate in both Asia Championship Qualifier and Worlds Championship Qualifier due to me losing my interest in the game during that period. Received numerous congratulations and thanked them all for the support at the end of today’s event.


So I will look forward to the Asia Plus Qualifier and I hope to see you guys there ! I will also make a trip down during the 2nd Prequalifier to take a look of the decks ( deck scanning 😛 ) since I applied advance leave on the Prequalifer dates.


Till then.


6 Responses to “Asia Plus Prequalifier #1 Report”

  1. LFN September 16, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    GJ Johann

  2. avengingknight September 16, 2012 at 4:14 am #

    my team name is BBT(bonds beyond time)

  3. Kahzel September 17, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Congrats, I’ll root for you 😉

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