Like stagnant water

29 Sep

Nothing to post about since I’m more or less waiting for the Asia Plus Main event which will be here in 3 weeks time and I will be ( finally ) back to playing in locals next week after like a month of inactivity due to part time working as I’m having my holidays now ~


Decided to play TCG Lavals ( cos most of the stuff are in english ) until extra pack 5 comes out and then I will become a classic band-wagoner and hop onto the Wind Up express !


There’s no reason why not to play Wind Up ! Its the best deck in the game right now , being able to be defensive , OTK , control etc etc etc etc etc . 2 card OTK with no set up is too awesome .


Quoting Josh Graham : “You’d be a moron if you are not playing wind-ups” <— THIS



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