[Deck] Thunder Seahorse Deck

1 Oct



A build I made up on DN. Not the best build but it is the current build for it.


Has many many tricks and combo.


Seahorse -> Double Sishunder > Normal Sishunder remove seahorse  > Next turn seahorse into double pahunder/mahunder and rinse and repeat.


The 3 VE cards are the main combo starters for the deck . The rest act as back up making it like a rich man’s twilight deck.

Verz Thunderbird and the TGU engine are the darks for the BLS and Chaos sorceror and for a potential OTK push . Maxx C and veiler are staples.


Extra deck has exclusive monsters such as Omega , M7 , Paladios all being Light attribute and are only available for Light decks. Since the deck is mostly light and all of the main cards search each other out easily , it can summon them rather easily. Chaos Hope is in there because most of the time you will have rather low lifepoints because I do not run defensive traps and the main cards ( sishunder mahunder pahunder) have generally low attack. Double Black corn is because one is never enough for a deck which dishes out rank 4 exceeds every turn.


And a fun fact is that Mahunder , pahunder can summon Rai-oh as an additional summon too.





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