Asia Plus Darkworld decklist

22 Oct




Main Deck (40)


Monsters :

Biiege Vanguard of Darkworld x2

Broww Marksman of Darkworld x3

Grapha Dragon lord of Darkworld x3

Snow Unlight of Darkworld x3

Sin Cyber End Dragon x2

Trance Archfiend x2

Sangan x1


Spells :

Dark World Lightning x1

Dark World Dealing x2

Dragged Down to the grave x3

Gates of the Darkworld x3

Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Card Destruction x1


Traps :

Skill Drain x3

Mind Crush x2

Deck Devastation Virus x2

Eradicator Epidemic Virus x1

Mirror Force x2

Call of the Haunted x2



Side Deck (15)

Ryko Lightlord Hunter x3

Cyber Dragon x1

Thunder King Raioh x1

DD. Crow x2

Foolish Burial x1

Solemn warning x1

Debunk x1

Imperial Iron wall x2

Dust Tornado x1

Chain Disappearance x1


Extra Deck (15)

Cyber End Dragon x2

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon x1

No.39 Hope x1

Maestroke , the symphony djinn x1

No.17 Revise Dragon x1

No.30 Acid Golem x1

Wind Up Zenmaines x1

No.50 Black Corn x1

Hieratic Sun Dragon God Ennead x1

No.15 Gimmick Puppet x1

No.22 Fran Ken x1

Gagaga Gunman x1

No.16 Shock Ruler x1

Kachi Kochi Dragon x1




I will give some explanations on this build. Since the key feature of Asia Plus is to share staples , I decided not to take any “real” traps such as bottomless etc and key removal cards because I felt that EEV and DDV can get rid of any kind of threat , EEV declare spell kills HERO instantly and Darkworld , EEV declare trap insta kills macro matchup and all sorts of random jimmy deck. Whereas , DDV kills Mermail ,agents and mostly any kind of deck to a certain degree.


To ensure that I can “consistently” pull off at least one virus per game and to compensate the fact that I have no actual negation of summoning , I decided to play Sin Cyber End as it is a free 4000 beatstick which works wonders with skill drain on field and 2 hits of it = game and thats how I usually win my game . When I have no virus , I will just use that card to stall out and draw my discarding outlets and go for a major push.


Also , I did not play Upstart Goblins and Reckless Greed because I felt that it is and will always be a rubbish card to play in Darkworld . Personal opinion on the contrary , what if you don’t draw anything good with it and you will be stuck with 2 turns of not drawing . The rest of it is pretty standard and 3 skill drain is a personal tech choice because I want to draw into it more often.


The side deck is also a random mix of good cards which works against almost every deck but most of the time I will side a few cards in because its very hard to side deck with Darkworld , removing one discard outlet/darkworld monster will hinder the consistency of drawing into them.


Foolish Burial is in the side deck because my teammate did the registration wrongly and it ended up in there and one DDV went into the main deck making it 2 , so ignore it. However , the DDV ended up being the MVP of almost every game I played yesterday.


Heres the record of the games I played with this deck yesterday and on the 1st qualifier.











Making it a 6-1 record , only losing at the finals but thankfully my pro teammate bixuan 2-0 everyone at the top 8 with Mermail and William’s super high level gaming skills with HERO won too by a slight margin. All good things must come to an end and that loss yesterday at the finals ended my undefeated streak of playing Darkworld at 11-1 combining last year’s score too. At least it was a pretty good run ^^.


I may or may not play Darkworld at the main event , I might change what I am playing at Hong Kong depends on my team’s planning and strategy. Gotta bring the gold and Mermail mat back to Singapore man.


Thanks for reading.




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  1. recca October 24, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    nice list

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