Tournament report @ Marymount 27/10/12

27 Oct

Deck used : Agent Angel


Participants : 35+


Format : 5 round swiss cut to top 8 single elimination



It has been a long time since I last played in locals ( about 1 and a half months? ) , so me having no other deck to play cause I dismantled everything to throw in my jank pile decided to play my only deck other than Darkworld at locals today.



Match 1 vs Kenneth Koh / Plant * Hieratic * OXO


Rematch from last week’s finals at Asia Plus !

round1 – Venus gantetsu wins games and subsequent hyperions as follow up

round2 – Died to Koaki Meiru Drago due to having extremely low lifepoints.

round3 – Opened earth , storm , reborn , honest , call and orange light. Nuff said.


Match 2 vs Yong Jie * Darkworld * OXX

round1 – He dragged down and I kept drawing all the good stuff to win 🙂

round2 – Card D , double drag and DDV. GG

round3 – Card D , double drag. GG


Match 3 vs Jie Lun * Wind Up * OO

round 1 – Storm and raioh .

round 2 – Similar to game 1 except with gozen for the win.


Match 4 vs DS * Constellar * OO

round1 – Gantetsu and venus and subsequent hyperions.

round2- Krystia and hyperion wins games.


Match 5 vs Stark / Rabbit Ryan * DHERO Alive * OO

round1 – Krystia wins games

round2- Gorz to survive a turn and drop hyperion for game.


4-1 made it into the top 8


Top 8 match vs Malaysia God Sam * Wind Up * OXO

round1 – Drew into heavy backrow and venus into gantetsu play made me won the game pretty fast.

round2 – Shark and Mage , gg for me.

round3 – The game went into a stalemate with him having a wall of 2 rats and 3 rabbits because of my face up gozen. I then flipped sangan with gorz faceup activate torrential and won from there.


Top 4 match vs Stark * DHERO Alive * XOX

round1 – Tried to OTK me but I dropped gorz. On my turn i got rid of his monsters but he top decked miracle and fused his on field zero and his diamond dude for escuridao and i lost due to having 700 lifepoints left.

round2 – Fast game with hyperion and venus.

round3 – Hyperion ran out of targets to destroy and I attempted to attack with it and got d-prisoned. Lost due to swarm next turn and I just can’t get rid of maestroke. 


Shared the 3rd/4th prize with Zan hao and got myself a Super rare jap Effect Veiler. Interested parties can leave me a PM on my facebook or contact me.




Testing for Hong Kong and Topshop in progress…


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