Overseas and future plans

8 Nov

3 weeks to Hong Kong . More or less ready for the biggest tournament in my life (so far) , the Asia Plus Regionals finals. 


Decks of choice are 80% confirm and my team are poised to bring home the gold and mermail mat. Good thing that Bixuan being a business student managed to contact someone at Hong Kong to bring us around for gooooood japanese cards , Gundam War merchandise etc etc but sadly I’m only interested in Asia english cards and Pokemon deck boxes :S


Saddest part of this trip is the fact that DS will not be accompanying us to Hong Kong this time due to personal issues 😦 however he will be with us there in spirit :), so we are more or less “alone” there and scouting for good places and places of interest/food are up to us to locate and explore. Most importantly , he reminded us to CHECK and CONFIRM all important rulings ourselves as he will not be going with us. So the past few days/weeks , I have been checking pojo forums , reading up all posts on sg forum and of course wikia and duelist codex about rulings and important erratas.




The second part of this post is about me and a group of brave doolists forming a group together dubbing ourselves Team SG YCS , the purpose of this group? Well you can guess it by the name itself.


Hahahaha , so for now that’s all I have to post regarding Team SG YCS. That’s all and thanks for reading.




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