High Level Gaming

10 Nov

Congratulations to Team MYM = Mate your mama’s Andrew , Shahmir and Zack for winning Malaysia’s Asia Plus Qualifier. High level gaming skills man.


They really did work extremely hard for this event . Countless nights of playtesting and games with Team Koi (my team) and of course some helpful singaporeans and they finally did it. Soooo we are gonna have a huge party over at Hong Kong with them 🙂


Moving on…..


I participated in today’s locals with Wind Ups as part of some Asia Plus deck selection for me and I ended up at the bottom 4 losing at the top 8 match against a Wind Up mirror 😦


Here’s the score


OXO – Agents / Daren

OXO – Darkworld/Yong Jie

OXO – Darkworld/Wee Min

OXX – Mermail/Bixuan

OO – Chain Beat/Yong Siang



OXX – Wind Up/ Ben Tan / Top 8


— – Split the prizes at bottom 4


In the end I took a Dolkka as prize as everyone at the bottom 4 was showing me the emo and sad face and so I gave in instead of playing with them and let them take whatever they want instead of playing.


Confident with Wind Ups although I didn’t open shark+mage or shark + TGU every game. Rabbit and Mage farming is damn good I must say. 1st time using Wind Ups in locals and its really very good, no wonder its the top deck of the game right now. Very very versatile.


That’s all for today’s post.


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