Hong Kong Part 2 and 3 will be up tomorrow

3 Dec

Hey guys , the posts will be up tomorrow.

There are gonna be Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3 . No Day 4 posts because it was pretty mundane and boring , we didn’t visit any card shop nor places of interest.

Instead , i am gonna make posts on my tournament report and the decks the different country used and their strategy because I remembered most of them .

In all, the trip was very memorable , finishing at 4th place only just made me more determined to represent Singapore one more time and be crowned Champion. 

That’s all for this post. Do come back tomorrow for the posts that will be updated by the other authors.


I got hacked .

20 Nov

This will be the last post of this blog. Reason being is because i do not feel safe anymore to use this account to blog anymore.


12 hours ago , my blog got hacked by a certain malicious no lifer ( I more or less can guess who did it , trust me , it isn’t one person but a bunch of people).


They even went to the extent of BLOCKING MY IP FROM ACCESSING FORGOT PASSWORD AND THE LOG IN PAGE. Yeah , that’s how much time and effort they took just to hack my blog. Luckily thanks to my pro classmate(s) and also the fact that I am currently studying IT ( information technology , I managed to trace back to my account log in page and finally access my dashboard.) , I know who did it but I have no solid evidence still.


This is the last post for this blog but not the end.


2 weeks ago , Me and my team decided to form a group blog and dub ourselves ” High level Gaming” , a catchphrase I have been using recently because of the questionable and pro plays I always made since I joined back into the game this year mid June.


All I can say , is .. “Such perfect timing” for this to happen since I was gonna close down this blog this Friday and make a new blog with my teammates. Instead of Friday , I decided to fast forward and delete it now because as stated above i do not feel safe to blog here anymore since the hacker probably still has my dashboard in his history.


So thank you all you guys who have been reading this blog and do look forward to my upcoming blog titled ” High Level Gaming” which will feature my teammate Bixuan , William and Wesley which first’s post will be next week Wednesday, 2 days before leaving for Hong Kong. We will be using that blog or maybe a Youtube Channel to do live coverage and what we will be doing during the trip.


Thank you and see you guys next week and do view my new blog.


P.S Edit : I realize there were a bunch of grammatical errors cause I was rage typing in school this post, no worries cause I just changed them. 🙂

Tournament report @ L.A.S 17.11.12

18 Nov

Deck used : Wind Up

Participants : 35+

Format : Double Elimination cut to top 16

Here’s the score.


XX ( Offering Gadget )

OXO ( Wind Up )


Top 16


OXO ( Offering Gadget )


Top 8


XOO ( Mermail Atlantean )


Shared and let him went up to play.

So I won 11 dollars of cash and half a Gaia Dragoon .


After reading the coverage of YCS Seattle. All I can say is that the way  TCG players run Mermail is so questionable.


Honestly , who uses AbyssSphere to summon an AbyssSpike just to block attacks and which person in their right mind summons MegaloAbyss first turn just to add sphere to hand . Really really puzzling.


And Simon He best player for YCS this format ? 😀

Edit :  [18:14:28] Bahamutzero: can u mention there,he(Simon He ) scrubbed two-zero vs shahmir the jimmy from malaysia .


P.S I got bribed to post this picture.





Tournament report @ L.A.S 13/11/12

13 Nov

Deck used : Wind Ups

Participants : 32

Format : 5 round swiss cut to Top 8


Here’s the score.

OO ( Verz Laggia )

OO ( Wind Up )

OO ( Wind Up )


OO ( Wind Up )



Top 8 cutoff.

OXO ( Chaos Dragons )



This time I got a Top 4 finish and took home a Radiant Photon Paladius. This time I played a different build with mained Maxx C’s and a change of side deck.


That’s all for this short post.


P.S I recently cut details of the match of tournament reports as no one really reads what happens etc and stuff and that will too apply for future tournament reports too.



High Level Gaming

10 Nov

Congratulations to Team MYM = Mate your mama’s Andrew , Shahmir and Zack for winning Malaysia’s Asia Plus Qualifier. High level gaming skills man.


They really did work extremely hard for this event . Countless nights of playtesting and games with Team Koi (my team) and of course some helpful singaporeans and they finally did it. Soooo we are gonna have a huge party over at Hong Kong with them 🙂


Moving on…..


I participated in today’s locals with Wind Ups as part of some Asia Plus deck selection for me and I ended up at the bottom 4 losing at the top 8 match against a Wind Up mirror 😦


Here’s the score


OXO – Agents / Daren

OXO – Darkworld/Yong Jie

OXO – Darkworld/Wee Min

OXX – Mermail/Bixuan

OO – Chain Beat/Yong Siang



OXX – Wind Up/ Ben Tan / Top 8


— – Split the prizes at bottom 4


In the end I took a Dolkka as prize as everyone at the bottom 4 was showing me the emo and sad face and so I gave in instead of playing with them and let them take whatever they want instead of playing.


Confident with Wind Ups although I didn’t open shark+mage or shark + TGU every game. Rabbit and Mage farming is damn good I must say. 1st time using Wind Ups in locals and its really very good, no wonder its the top deck of the game right now. Very very versatile.


That’s all for today’s post.

Overseas and future plans

8 Nov

3 weeks to Hong Kong . More or less ready for the biggest tournament in my life (so far) , the Asia Plus Regionals finals. 


Decks of choice are 80% confirm and my team are poised to bring home the gold and mermail mat. Good thing that Bixuan being a business student managed to contact someone at Hong Kong to bring us around for gooooood japanese cards , Gundam War merchandise etc etc but sadly I’m only interested in Asia english cards and Pokemon deck boxes :S


Saddest part of this trip is the fact that DS will not be accompanying us to Hong Kong this time due to personal issues 😦 however he will be with us there in spirit :), so we are more or less “alone” there and scouting for good places and places of interest/food are up to us to locate and explore. Most importantly , he reminded us to CHECK and CONFIRM all important rulings ourselves as he will not be going with us. So the past few days/weeks , I have been checking pojo forums , reading up all posts on sg forum and of course wikia and duelist codex about rulings and important erratas.




The second part of this post is about me and a group of brave doolists forming a group together dubbing ourselves Team SG YCS , the purpose of this group? Well you can guess it by the name itself.


Hahahaha , so for now that’s all I have to post regarding Team SG YCS. That’s all and thanks for reading.



Tournament report @ Marymount 27/10/12

27 Oct

Deck used : Agent Angel


Participants : 35+


Format : 5 round swiss cut to top 8 single elimination



It has been a long time since I last played in locals ( about 1 and a half months? ) , so me having no other deck to play cause I dismantled everything to throw in my jank pile decided to play my only deck other than Darkworld at locals today.



Match 1 vs Kenneth Koh / Plant * Hieratic * OXO


Rematch from last week’s finals at Asia Plus !

round1 – Venus gantetsu wins games and subsequent hyperions as follow up

round2 – Died to Koaki Meiru Drago due to having extremely low lifepoints.

round3 – Opened earth , storm , reborn , honest , call and orange light. Nuff said.


Match 2 vs Yong Jie * Darkworld * OXX

round1 – He dragged down and I kept drawing all the good stuff to win 🙂

round2 – Card D , double drag and DDV. GG

round3 – Card D , double drag. GG


Match 3 vs Jie Lun * Wind Up * OO

round 1 – Storm and raioh .

round 2 – Similar to game 1 except with gozen for the win.


Match 4 vs DS * Constellar * OO

round1 – Gantetsu and venus and subsequent hyperions.

round2- Krystia and hyperion wins games.


Match 5 vs Stark / Rabbit Ryan * DHERO Alive * OO

round1 – Krystia wins games

round2- Gorz to survive a turn and drop hyperion for game.


4-1 made it into the top 8


Top 8 match vs Malaysia God Sam * Wind Up * OXO

round1 – Drew into heavy backrow and venus into gantetsu play made me won the game pretty fast.

round2 – Shark and Mage , gg for me.

round3 – The game went into a stalemate with him having a wall of 2 rats and 3 rabbits because of my face up gozen. I then flipped sangan with gorz faceup activate torrential and won from there.


Top 4 match vs Stark * DHERO Alive * XOX

round1 – Tried to OTK me but I dropped gorz. On my turn i got rid of his monsters but he top decked miracle and fused his on field zero and his diamond dude for escuridao and i lost due to having 700 lifepoints left.

round2 – Fast game with hyperion and venus.

round3 – Hyperion ran out of targets to destroy and I attempted to attack with it and got d-prisoned. Lost due to swarm next turn and I just can’t get rid of maestroke. 


Shared the 3rd/4th prize with Zan hao and got myself a Super rare jap Effect Veiler. Interested parties can leave me a PM on my facebook or contact me.




Testing for Hong Kong and Topshop in progress…